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Product Videos

Demonstrate different aspects and features of your Products and their working / usability through our Product videos

Explainer Videos

Our explainer video service will take your product or service to the world combing breath taking illustrations with flawless animation.

Testimonial Video Services

Experience trumps information, always. Client testimonial videos speak to the essence of your product or service, fostering trust and inviting future customers.

Typography Videos

Typography videos leverage the power of text to deliver your message effectively and easily to enhance message retention in your audience

Animation Videos

Filmbaker’s video animation service perfectly narrates complex messages. Palatable to all audiences across social media platforms, websites, and all domains of communication.

Events Aftermovie

Capturing the moments to be remembered and memories to be cherished, our cinematography team captures it all with our event aftermovie service.

Corporate Video Production

A corporate video production service strives to elegantly narrate your brand’s journey, achievement, and future goals. We share your story with all, encouraging all manner of intrigue.

Motion Graphics Videos

Making a video a visual experience is what motion graphics is all about. Narrating stories across social media in the sleekest way with aesthetics that stay with your audience.

Digital Films

Filmbaker's Digital Film production services help you break through social media clutter while ensuring your videos spark interest and connect your brand with new audiences.

How do we work?


Alignment of our deliverable begins with a solid brief, we are all ears to understand your business and need for creating a video.


Treatment Avenues

We do our homework and get back to you with multiple routes to create your video. This would be pitched across various styles of videos.



Based on the selected treatment avenue we detail down a script that would then be crafted for our final video.


Pre- Production

This is where all the magic happens, we create a visual storyboard for the finalized script. The main aim of this phase is to align on a common vision and deliverable of our video before we execute it.



The execution phase. Be it animation or live shoot, we execute the finalized script and storyboard.



The editing phase. We compose and add graphics, color, music & voice over to deliver a finished packaged video for review.



The go-live phase. We complete our iterative process of changes and see the magic our content can create for you.